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Charlton Road Dental is a family-run dentist that provides high-quality general and cosmetic dentistry to patients of all ages. The dentist in Keynsham, near Bristol and Bath, has been established for over 50 years, and in that time has built up an outstanding reputation in the local community. It treats patients from one generation to the next and offers a full range of services to cater to all needs. These treatments include general dentistry, hygiene appointments, alongside cosmetic dentistry treatments such as Straumann dental implants and Invisalign teeth straightening to name a few.

Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, it can make you feel very self-conscious, especially whilst eating and talking. Missing teeth can cause problems with eating and chewing, speaking, and maintaining good oral health. However, dental implants are a great long-term solution for replacing missing teeth.

A small titanium post is inserted into the jawbone. After it is fitted, the bone surrounding the implants will fuse together. This takes around 8-12 weeks and means the implant is safe, strong, and secure. This post acts as a tooth root and can hold a crown or denture in the same way that the tooth root would hold a natural tooth. A false tooth, such as a crown or denture, can then be fitted to the top part of the implant, known as the abutment.

Advantages of Dental Implants

  • Aesthetically pleasing solution – the implants look and act like natural teeth.
  • Comfortable when talking, smiling & eating – They will not slip and are comfortable.
  • Preserves bone – dental implants transmit chewing forces to the jawbones, which maintains the bones. Without implants, the bone can recede, and the shape of the face can change over time.
  • Tooth preservation – the neighbouring teeth are not affected, and the natural tooth surface remains intact.
  • Good quality – over 4 million Straumann dental implants are sold worldwide. It is a trusted brand with over 30 years of scientific experience behind its products.
  • Improved self-confidence – as speech and eating return to normal, it can enhance confidence.

If you are interested in replacing missing teeth or need an outstanding dentist in the Bristol and Bath area, you need to look no further. The practice is situated in the centre of Keynsham and has full disabled facilities. They can discuss all the treatments on offer, such as teeth whitening, composite bonding, orthodontics, dental implants, and even anti-wrinkle treatments.

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