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Dedicated to providing essential care for long-lasting lovely smiles and excellent oral health, the dentist in Cheshire comprises of a friendly team of dental professionals. The team centres their care around listening to your concerns and expectations, building a treatment plan that works for you and your needs. The caring team pride themselves on going above and beyond to cater to your desires.

Dental Implants

If you’ve avoided smiling because you’re self-conscious about the gaps in your teeth, then dental implants might be the solution for you. Missing teeth can affect your confidence as well as your oral health as it can cause muscle weakness in your face and bone-loss in your jaw, causing a sunken look in the face and could lead to further tooth loss. Implants in Cheshire consists of a small titanium screw placed within the jawbone. This is carried out under local anaesthetic and takes around 6 weeks to 6 months to heal before the crown (false tooth) can be placed on top.

If you’re considering dental implant treatment, you must have good oral hygiene and no signs of gum disease to continue. Your bone density will be tested, and a bone graft may be required to help support the implant. If you are currently a smoker, you will need to commit to quitting if you are seeking dental implant treatment.


If you’re missing most or all of your teeth, all-on-4 is a multiple dental implant solution, consisting of 4-6 implants being used to support an entire dental bridge, meaning you can continue to smile. All-on-4 in Cheshire is a unique long-term solution to dentures, which can slip and lead to tissue discomfort. All-on-4 implants mean that you can continue to eat, drink and talk as usual, all with realistic looking crowns that are the next best thing to real teeth.

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