Chester Dental Implant Centre

Providing all forms of advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry, Chester Dental Implant Centre offer amalgam-free fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, root canal and dental implant treatment. The dentist in Chester boasts that the close-knit team are able to provide tailored and bespoke care for individual needs ensuring that teeth and gums remain healthy and shiny. As well as creating beautiful and healthy smiles, the team also provide help and support to patients from initial contact, through treatment, beyond aftercare, promising a first-class care service like no other.

Dental Implants

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of your teeth, dental implants are a convenient solution to solving a gappy smile. Under local anaesthetic, titanium posts are planted into the gum and stitched up. These are then left for a few months to heal and once healed, the crowns are screwed onto the posts, restoring your smile. Dental implants in Chester can be used to support fixed bridges or dentures as well as crowns.

For people who are missing all or the majority of their teeth, all-on-4 offers a quick solution by restoring the entire smile. Four implants are secured into the jawbone of the patient as with singular implants with full arches attached to these implants, providing a radiant smile.

All-on-4 in Chester offers stability, even in minimum bone volume, good clinical results and can be a planned concept beforehand allowing the clinician and patient to see exactly what the outcome would look like.

If you’ve been suffering with a gappy smile or uncomfortable dentures, then enquire today on 01244 340177 about dental implants and the professional team will happily provide further information or book you in for an appointment.


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