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The team at Dartford Road Dental Centre pride themselves in providing ethical, up-to-date and conservative dentistry whether you’re looking for general hygiene or cosmetic improvements. If you want a dentist that perfectly combines friendliness and exceptional dentistry, then the dentist in Dartford are the team for you. The practice take pride in the value of their treatments and strongly believe in listening to patient’s needs to build trust.


According to Dentalhealth, 66% of adults in the UK have visible plaque on their teeth. Something which, if left untreated, can lead to gum disease, recession and eventually tooth loss. The hygienist in Dartford will assess the health of your gums and teeth, looking for signs of swelling, inflammation or bleeding. They will then conduct a thorough clean of the teeth to remove plaque and tartar build up. The end result will be teeth that are visibly cleaner, shinier and smoother.

Gum disease that has progressed beyond early stages can still be dealt with by the hygienist, which will involve removing tartar from the root surface, a deeper clean under the gumline, sometimes requiring an anaesthetic.

Gum Disease

Gum disease, otherwise known as periodontal disease, can affect gum tissue and bone. It is caused by the build up of plaque that then forms as tartar and can irritate gums, resulting in the body attacking deposits around the teeth. In some people, it can even start to break down the gum tissue and the bone supporting teeth. In the first stage it is known as gingivitis and can cause your gums to become irritated and swollen and bleed easily. If this is left untreated it can lead to periodontitis which causes the gums to separate from teeth creating little pockets susceptible to infection. Eventually teeth will become loose and will need to be removed. Gum disease can be exacerbated by smoking, diabetes, infection, hormonal changes and poor oral hygiene. The good news is gum disease in Dartford is preventable by carrying out a good home hygiene routine and regularly visiting the hygienist to have your teeth scaled.

If you feel that you are suffering from gum disease in any of its stages, or that your teeth are in need of a scale and polish from the friendly hygienist, don’t delay and contact the team for an appointment today.

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