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Edinburgh Dental Studio prides itself on providing a traditional service with a modern approach. Its relaxing dental suites are conveniently situated in Edinburgh’s Randolph Place in the West End. It’s easily accessible for shoppers and busy office workers and professionals.

As a long-standing family-owned and independent general practice all patients receive a tailored service where their individual dental needs are always a priority.

Edinburgh Dental Studio is a firm believer that any smile can be improved with its range of adult orthodontic treatments. The practice takes a real interest in cosmetic dentistry and was the winner of Best Practice in the Dentistry Awards 2017.

Besides helping patients achieve the smile they have always wanted the dentist in Edinburgh’s dedicated team aim to make sure you keep your mouth healthy for a lifetime. The practice offers personal membership plans that mean regular attendance and helps spread dental costs into monthly amounts that work with everyone’s budget.

Cosmetic braces

Cosmetic braces and adult orthodontics are becoming increasingly popular with all those who wants to improve their smile. The traditional metal “train track” braces were once the only solution, but now more discrete braces can be worn, which stops patients feeling self-conscious while treatment is underway. Removable braces such as Invisalign are one of the popular methods used to perfect your look at Edinburgh Dental Studio.


Invisalign is a discrete and simple way to straighten your teeth. The treatment, which has been successfully used by millions worldwide, uses a series of clear, almost invisible aligners made to fit each patient. The aligners gently move your teeth over months to achieve the look you want and a straighter, great smile.

Edinburgh Dental Studio can provide patients with the very best of Invisalign in its established adult braces practice at its city centre dental suites. Flexible finance is available making it an affordable option. You can even get a preview of your smile before you start the treatment process.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Invisalign in Edinburgh you can contact Edinburgh Dental Studio for a complimentary consultation.


Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles at Edinburgh Dental Studio is a fast and efficient way of straightening crooked teeth in six to nine months. The treatment uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires. It uses some of the best aspects of braces and has modified the treatment and materials to give adults a solution that fits their needs. It uses barely visible wires with average treatment times of only six months.


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