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Aesthetique Dental Care is a private general and cosmetic dentist in Leeds and the surrounding areas. The friendly and highly skilled team delivers high standards of dental care to all patients. The dental practice is one of only a handful that has 3D CAD/CAM technology. This allows the team to be able to offer brand new crowns and veneers in just a few hours.

The atmosphere is calm, and the professional staff will instantly put you at ease. They understand that a visit to the dentist for some people can be a daunting experience, and they will make your visit as relaxing as possible.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is now becoming more popular than ever as dental technology advances and treatments are becoming more affordable and in reach of the public and not just celebrities. We would all like healthy teeth and gums and fresh breath. We would all like to feel confident in our smile and be able to eat and chew what we want. However, we don’t all experience this. According to research in the Daily Mirror, there are 110 million missing teeth in the UK. Teeth can be lost for many reasons, including sporting injuries, accidents, and tooth decay. Luckily, with advances in dentistry, there are solutions to fill these gaps.

Dental Implants

Often cited as being the most similar treatment offer to natural teeth, and offering a long-term solution for missing teeth, are dental implants.

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are placed in the jawbone. The posts then fuse with the bone, which takes several months. This fusing together and healing creates a solid foundation to fit a new crown or bridge replacing missing teeth.

There are many advantages to dental implants. Their durability and strength mean you can eat and chew any foods you like. They do not slip around as some ill-fitting dentures may do. They don’t affect the surrounding teeth, which can be a problem if gaps are left untreated. They can provide the patient with the confidence to smile again and can even improve speech, which can sometimes change due to gaps in teeth or dentures.

The longevity of dental implants does depend slightly on how they are cared for. They should be looked after the same way as your natural teeth. If you maintain this, dental implants could even last as long as your natural teeth.

Are dental implants suitable for me?

Dental implants are suitable for most people, regardless of age. Several factors will be taken into consideration prior to fitting them. This often includes your dentist taking x-rays to check the bone density. There must be enough density to hold your implants in place.

It is also important to have overall good health. This is because the body needs to be able to heal once the titanium posts have been inserted. Smokers or diabetics could be unable to have dental implants sometimes as you may struggle to heal after surgery. All of this will be discussed at your appointment.

The best way to discover whether dental implants are the right decision for you is to have a free consultation. Aesthetique Dental Care in Leeds is offering free dental implant consultations. You can book one directly by phoning 0113 245 8066.

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