Dr Devang Patel – Highly Qualified Dentist Offering Brand New Courses for Dentists

Dentistry with Dr Devang Patel

Dr Devang Patel has over fifteen years’ experience in restorative dentistry. He provides dental implants in Letchworth, and Barnstaple, dental veneers and can provide a smile design service, where the patient may have several treatments to give them the smile they have always wanted.

He can also carry out advanced and complex procedures. These procedures include patients who have severe tooth surface loss, need full mouth rehabilitation, endodontic problems, TMJ dysfunction, and complex prosthodontics, bone grafting, and sinus lift procedures.

As he is a trained sedationist, he can use intravenous sedation for, particularly nervous patients. This, and his excellent bedside manner, make him a personable character, who is able to put even the most nervous patients at ease.

Dr Devang Patel always keeps himself up to speed with the latest technological advances in dentistry. He attends seminars and courses both nationally and internationally and keeps abreast of the latest research and reads evidence-based papers. The different postgraduate courses he has personally taken include the prestigious one-year full-time course at Eastman Dental Institute. Here he was awarded a distinction as well as a prize for excellence in clinical and academic achievement.

He currently works across several dental practices, including a dentist in Letchworth and Barnstaple. He specialises in dental implants and restorative dentistry. Alongside this, he teaches postgraduate dentists at the world-leading University College London, Eastman Dental Institute. His main teaching interests are occlusion and its use in full mouth reconstructions, including implant-supported restorations.

His professional dental career spans almost two decades. This experience and his passion for additional training and study programmes make him an ideal candidate to pass on his knowledge to others striving for clinical excellence. He has designed several new online courses to facilitate this.

Online Courses for Dentists

He aims to educate and inspire dental professionals to always strive toward high-quality dental treatments. He has produced a series of online postgraduate and hands-on restorative dentistry courses. 

The online courses for dentists are a combination of the online resource, direct mentoring and support from Dr Devang Patel via telephone, and hands-on practical sessions, within a clinical setting if this is also required. 

He offers a very inspirational teaching style, which engages his audience fully. Delegates are provided with guidance, resources, and freedom to implement their newly acquired skills with confidence and the knowledge they are being fully supported throughout their dentistry journey.

If you would like to learn from Dr Devang Patel and his many years of dental excellence and knowledge, you can get a fulfilling and comprehensive learning experience from his online courses.

Please visit the website for further information about the courses and Dr Devang Patel. Or you can email  info@drdevangpatel.com. He looks forward to hearing from you.

Dr Devang Patel – Dentist

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