High Quality and Friendly Dentistry in Plymouth

Dedicated to providing high quality dental care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the dentist in Plymouth are here to help you with all your dental needs, whether that be a regular check-up or more advanced restorations. Using the latest dental techniques in a caring and gentle manner, the team are able to provide dental implants, teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. The team’s ethos is to treat patients as they would wish to be treated themselves, which is mirrored in their customer service awards from previous years.

Teeth Whitening

If you feel that your teeth need a spring clean to be restored to a cleaner, whiter colour, then teeth whitening in Plymouth is the treatment for you. This is the process in which the tooth discolouration is whitened to a lighter shade by removing the staining particles on the enamel. Treatment results will depend heavily on how discoloured the teeth are to begin with, but restorations such as implants, fillings and crowns cannot be whitened and so these will need to be replaced along with treatment to fit your smile.

Teeth can become stained for many reasons, including food and drink types, lifestyle choices and health conditions.

The dentist in Crownhill provides two different forms of tooth whitening: Zoom and Nite White.

Zoom teeth whitening is a safe, effective and very fast tooth whitening treatment carried out at the dental surgery. In less than an hour, your teeth will become dramatically whiter and is therefore ideal for patients looking for immediate results. As this does not require you to wear trays or strips for long periods of time, this is perfect for busy people.

Firstly, a short preparation will be used to cover your lips and gums, exposing your teeth. The dentist will then apply the whitening gel and use the special light to break down stains and discolouration on the teeth.

Nite White is a tooth whitening treatment you can use in the comfort of your own home, whilst rebuilding your tooth enamel, making your teeth stronger whilst it whitens.

If you’re interested in at-home or in-surgery tooth whitening, contact a member of the team today on 01752 775693 or contact them here.

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