NW London Smile Centre – Dentists in Swiss Cottage, Kilburn and Cricklewood

The NW London Smile Centre is comprised of three separate dental practices, based in Swiss Cottage, Kilburn and Cricklewood, but each facility has the same simple ethos, which is to provide excellent dental care. They have become an integral part of the local community for the past twenty years and are looking forward to caring for the teeth and gums of their community for the next twenty years to come.

The main focus at each practice is to have happy and satisfied patients, who have healthy teeth and gums today and into the future. The three locations offer a relaxed, friendly environment with treatments performed by professional, highly-trained staff.

There are many cosmetic dentistry treatments on offer at all three practices. These include teeth whitening and teeth straightening. Using the latest computer imaging technology, they can chat through the best, tailor-made solutions for you and show you the potential results and how these would look. You can discuss what you don’t like about your teeth or smile, and then they can offer solutions to address this.

Teeth Straightening – Six Month Smiles

One of the teeth straightening options on offer is Six Month Smiles, which is a short-term orthodontic solution to getting straighter teeth. It uses clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, which are barely visible. The average treatment time is six months, hence the name. They are also typically less expensive in the long run than traditional braces or aligners or veneers.

Teeth Whitening

There are different reasons why people may want their teeth to be whitened. It can be as a result of teeth staining from smoking, or food and drink or from ageing or can even sometimes be an adverse reaction to medication. It’s important to see a professional dentist to discuss your best teeth whitening options. Our dentist will recommend the best teeth whitening option based on your oral condition and will be happy to explain the various types of whitening treatments, the duration and frequency of treatment.

Further information for any of the NW London centres or treatments can be found on their website or Facebook page.

NW London Smile Centre

Swiss Cottage,                   Kilburn                                                  Cricklewood

5-6 Regency Parade        98A Kilburn High Road                    2A Chichele Road

Finchley Road                    London                                                 London

London                                 NW6 4HS                                             NW2 3DA



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