Cherrytree Dental Care – Great Dentist in Wantage

Dr Nial Hutchinson and his wife Miriam have many years of experience in running and owning dental practices and have recently taken over the running of Cherrytree Dental Care, a dentist in Wantage, South Oxfordshire.

They were finalists in the Private Dentistry Awards 2017. The practice offers a full range of dental care from simple to more complex treatments. All of which are based on up to date solutions and treatments based on evidence based dentistry.

At Cherrytree Dental Care, the emphasis is on prevention as they believe prevention is better than cure. The team, including the hygienist and dentist, work together to provide optimal dental health for patients.

They also offer services such as ‘Same Day Teeth’ by utilising the in-house CEREC system, alongside cosmetic dental treatments, such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening (orthodontics) and ‘Smile Makeovers.’ Below we explore these treatments further:-

Cerec System

The practice has been using CEREC for some time now and is one of the few dentists in the UK who is using the latest, up to date, OmniCam version of CEREC. The system allows the machine to scan the tooth and mouth and transfer this image to a computer attached to a milling machine. This means a very exact inlay, onlay or full crown can be made and fitted in one single visit.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a great way to enhance your smile. The Whitewash system is used by the dental practice, which has the active ingredient of hydrogen peroxide, which whitens teeth but is safe to use. You need to visit the practice for an assessment and then custom-made trays will be provided for you to apply the whitening gel. The treatment usually shows results within 5-10 days if the gel is applied overnight or for a few hours each day.

Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening was once seen only for children, but there are many treatments available these days, which can be used by adults and children alike. CFast, for example, is a short-term adult orthodontic treatment, which uses tooth coloured wires and brackets to straighten and align the front six teeth. Treatment time is typically anywhere from five to nine months.

If you are interested in any of the above treatments or would like further information, the practice is currently accepting new, private patients. If you would like find out more or register, please click here.

Cherrytree Dental Care

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