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Opening in June 2008, Crystal Dental Care is a family run practice whose ethos is centred around ethical and high-quality dental care in a modern and relaxed environment. Using the latest cutting-edge technology and providing disabled and baby changing facilities, the practice boasts a team of caring professional practitioners dedicated to ensuring that you receive the appropriate dental care. When you need an emergency dentist in Wood Green, the team of dentists on call are experienced in dealing with patients who have suffered from trauma or accidents. 

Dental Trauma

No matter what dental trauma you have experienced, the Crystal Dental Care team can deal with it all. Knocked out and displaced teeth can normally be replanted and splinted. If you have had your tooth knocked out, it is vital that you keep it clean, don’t scrub the root and keep in the socket or in milk/contact lens solution if possible. The most important thing is to avoid further damage to the root and drying the area out. Splinting the tooth involves taking the shape of a piece of wire bonded onto the tooth surfaces to hold the teeth in place during the healing period, which may be between 2 – 4 weeks. It is important to have regular follow-ups to assess for infections or complications so that they can be treated as soon as possible.

Dental Accidents

Sporting injuries can be anything from a minor chip of a tooth to teeth being knocked out, loosened or displaced. It is essential with any dental trauma to arrange an assessment as soon as possible, especially if the position of the tooth has been disrupted or knocked out completely. It has been proven that the highest rates of success occur within two hours of the dental accident. With 24 hour emergency dental care in London, you can be rest assured that the team will prioritise any dental accident you have in order to restore your smile as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you are unlucky enough to experience dental trauma or accidents, don’t wait any longer to contact a dental professional. Contact a member of the friendly team today to book an appointment or ask any questions.

Crystal Dental Care – emergency dentist in London

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