Quality Dentistry in Central London

Based in the heart of central London, Pall Mall is the home of world class dentistry, including preventative, restorative and cosmetic procedures. Conveniently located minutes away from Victoria, Green Park and Piccadilly tube stations, the dentist in Victoria is located on Pall Mall. The team can proudly announce that they have brightened over 250,000 patients over the course of 12 years.

If you’re searching for a professional teeth and gum clean in a gentle manner utilising state-of-the-art equipment, the hygienist in central London comes highly recommended. With clients travelling from all over the UK to use their services for competitive prices, it’s easy to see why Pall Mall are the most sought-after dental practice in Victoria. The hygienists offer complimentary ‘before and after’ photos of your smile using intra-oral cameras, alongside a fresh breath clinic with free advice. With appointments now available on Saturdays, the hygienist is suitable for all the family.

If you are experiencing bad breath, don’t suffer in silence, the problem can be easily eradicated by the dentist in central London. Bad breath is often caused by the build-up of plaque on the teeth and gums and can cause periodontal disease. If your gums bleed when you brush or appear swollen and red, this can be symptoms of gum disease.

If you’re suffering from teeth and gum problems and would benefit from an appointment with the friendly team contact them today.

Address: 15 Pall Mall



Tel: 020 7766 7150

Email: info@pallmalldental.co.uk

Website: https://pallmalldental.co.uk/