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At Contemporary Dental in Exeter, patient care is at the centre of everything the team do. The practitioners are committed to professional development to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to provide the best oral healthcare. The dentist in Exeter offers a range of specialist and general dental treatments, executed by highly experienced practitioners using the latest technologies.

The dental practice is situated in a refurbished Grade II listed building in the heart of Exeter city centre in a conservation area. The team have been welcoming patients since 1994 and provide a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Dental Implants

When people are missing teeth it affects speech, eating habits, confidence and bone structure. Dental implants can be employed to replace one or two missing teeth or a full arch. They are the safe, permanent and practical solution for replacing missing teeth.

For many people, it can affect their self-confidence and dental implants are suitable for most people so are a durable option. Dental implants in Exeter means you don’t have to involve other teeth, as you would with a bridge and therefore are the next best thing to natural teeth.

The implants is a titanium screw that roots itself in the jawbone to provide strength and stability, as would a natural tooth. The implant is inserted under local anaesthetic and can take several months to fuse. During this phase, most people opt for a temporary denture, after which a dental crown is fixed onto the implant to restore the appearance and function of the original tooth.

This process can take several months, beginning with an initial consultation where the mouth is assessed, x-rays and impressions are taken to establish the patient’s health.

The team at Contemporary Dental have gained accreditation from the Royal College of Surgeons, approving their work-based training and meeting GDC standards. The cosmetic dentist in Exeter have multiple years of experience in successfully placing implants and the success rates are second to none. With their tailored treatment to suit the needs of each patient and post-treatment care with the hygienist, it is easy to see why patients are referred to Contemporary Dental from other independent practices.

If you suffer from missing teeth and want to restore your smile, contact a member of the team today, who will be happy to help you on your journey to a brighter smile.

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