Teeth Whitening You Can Trust at Glow Dental

Based in Battersea, Glow Dental prides itself in being a state-of-the-art, modern practice accessible to all. They provide the very best cosmetic and general dentistry to patients from all over London and further afield. The dentist in Battersea believe that a trusting relationship between the patient and practitioner is the key to successful dentistry. Building lasting foundations on honesty, care and respect is why they are the number one choice for dental care in Battersea.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Using modern digital technology, first-class materials and fantastic cosmetic experience, the team at Glow Dental can create your dream smile by whitening your teeth, fixing problem teeth or completely transforming your look. Your new smile journey starts with Digital Smile Design where we can preview what your smile will look like in action via images and video, so you know exactly what to expect from treatment.

Teeth Whitening

Such a simple procedure that can have such a huge impact to your look as well as your confidence. Teeth can become naturally stained over time as a result of food, drink and lifestyle habits, but certain medical conditions can also worsen the problem. With teeth whitening in Battersea, we offer multiple methods of brightening your smile as we recognise that everyone’s needs and preferences are different. The treatment technique that most people opt for is home whitening which involves the use of bespoke trays worn for approximately 2 weeks to gradually whiten your teeth over time.

Whitening works through a chemical reaction that breaks down stubborn molecules attached to the enamel. Only natural teeth can be whitened, so if you have veneers, crowns or bridges, these will need to be replaced. Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution as over time, what you consume will start to stain your teeth but with the home kit, you can top up whenever you feel your smile needs that extra boost.

If you want to enquire about teeth whitening or any other cosmetic procedure, contact the dental team today for more information.

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