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Teeth Whitening

Getting your teeth whitened can make the world of difference to your smile and your confidence and is relatively affordable for a very effective smile enhancer. Teeth whitening is a simple and safe procedure when carried out under professional supervision. Your teeth could be lightened by up to around four shades.

Lushington Road Dental Practice in Eastbourne offer tray whitening, whereby some specially tailored mouth trays are designed and made, which will fit your teeth and gums perfectly. They will be comfortable to wear as they are tailor made and will reach all parts of the tooth. The whitening gel is held in little reservoirs of the mouth tray. The patient then places the mouth trays into their mouth on a daily basis or every other day for a period of between 2- 6 weeks, depending on the patient’s initial tooth shade.

You will meet your dentist regularly to assess the colour and they will work with you until the desired shade is achieved.

Lushington Road Dental Practice can also offer whitening for non-vital (dead) teeth. This involves the dentist accessing the tooth from the back and placing high density whitening paste in the tooth and then sealing off the tooth. This process is repeated until the tooth is lighter and generally takes between 2-4 weeks.

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Dental Implants

If you have gaps in your teeth or missing teeth, it can affect many things such as speech, eating and chewing and can even knock your self-esteem. You no longer have to suffer in silence. Dental implants are more commonly available these days and are a great long term solution for missing teeth.

So, what exactly are dental implants, and how long does the process take? We explore a little further. A small, titanium screw is placed into the jawbone, usually under general anaesthetic or sedation. The gum is then stitched so that it heals over the implant. The bone and the titanium screw fuse together. This usually takes around 8-12 weeks. This then creates a tooth root, which is as strong as a natural tooth root is.  A replacement tooth can then be fitted onto the dental implant.

The Oral Health Foundation offers further useful information about Dental Implants.

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