Total TMJ offer solutions for temporomandibular joint (TMD) problems & trismus

Founded in 2018, Total TMJ was created by Phil Silver, after a long career in medical devices, which gave him the knowledge to set up in his own right. The Dorset company is a specialist provider of products associated with TMD disorders and Trismus. It distributes innovative technologies from leading healthcare manufacturers to dentists and clinicians around the UK. Their vision is to combine a portfolio of complimentary products that both help the clinician and improve the outcome for their patients. 

The privately-owned family business Total TMJ in Bournemouth fully supports the clinicians it works with through educational support by offering local and international surgeon peer to peer led courses. If you would like to find out more about their courses, please click here. Total TMJ also supplies innovative products offering solutions for temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) & trismus within the healthcare sector. 

Products  Nexus  

The NEXUS TMJ system is a 1.9mm scope and can be supplied with 1.8mm advanced instruments. This enables all levels of arthroscopic surgery to be performed. The sets are available to hire and to ensure they arrive safely are sent in custom-made pelican cases. Long term loans or fixed hire costs are available, please contact the team for further hire information.  Total TMJ often provide for lists of up to six patients, which allows for operating room efficiency and use their own dedicated courier to ensure safe and efficient transit. 

Orastretch – press jaw motion rehab 

Cranio rehab instrument, Orastretch, is a home therapy exercise and stretch device. It treats and prevents trismus and joint dysfunction. On average, around half of oral cancer patients and 85% of nasal cancer patients will experience trismus from surgical and radiation cancer treatments. 

The Orastretch press is used to stretch open the mouth, which often tightens following radiation treatments. The Orastretch system is also used to treat TMD disorder and dysfunction. Patients can use the hand-held appliance to mobilise the mouth and jaw for improved function and to treat pain and swelling and to prevent scar tissue after surgery. 

New Product Launches 

There are more products to be launched and added to their repertoire, so please watch this space. In addition, the patient portal will be launched, and this will give the opportunity for patients to discover direct information advice and an opportunity to hire or purchase apparatus and devices.   

Total TMJ Limited –  Clifton House 

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Tel: 01202 313702