Profitable Practices – Helping you create excellence in everything you do!

Do you feel that your practice could perform better, but unsure how to go about changing this?

Are you wanting someone to help you who has been there as a practice owner and understands the realities of dealing with staff and patients and running a business? Someone who won’t judge you or make unrealistic suggestions that just don’t apply to a dental practice. Someone who recognises that every practice is different and requires an individual approach.

We help you create excellence within your team. We do this by helping the whole practice learn new skills and systems. The practice will learn to adapt and change, embracing what the change brings rather than shying away from it.

We will help you weave within the fabric of your practice, a certain ethos, and a pursuit of excellence. This will make your practice stand out above your competitors. We help you manage this through constant repetition, and as a result these beliefs and behaviours become second nature. This will enable you to make a special place for your team and patients to visit. As a result you will have new patients requesting to join your practice to become a part of what you have created.

This is a journey that we take together, we will be with you from our first visit, spending a full day within your practice so that we can really get a feel for where you are, and then find out from you where you want to be. We then create a bespoke report detailing our findings and outlining our suggestions. It is then up to you how long you want us to help you, a one off visit, support for 6 months, 12 months or beyond. With our monthly support plans, we will visit regularly to provide support and training, to help you implement your report. We are also available via telephone or email to answer any questions, queries or problems you encounter. We are fully aware that during the day you are busy seeing patients and dealing with the issues of running a practice, which is why we are happy to take calls out of office hours. We can help you make the changes you need to become a profitable practice, with an excellent team and happy patients.

If you have any questions or would like a chat about what we can do for you, drop us an e-mail or give us a call.

T: 01937 326032
M: 07885 441269