The GDC is currently made up of 12 members – 6 appointed registrants and 6 appointed lay members.

Bill Moyes is the Chair of the General Dental Council.

It is the Council’s job to ensure that the GDC carries out its functions efficiently and in ways that ensure the safety of patients. It is responsible for setting the strategy and direction of the GDC and ensuring that all major decisions are in line with the strategy, taking major policy decisions, and ensuring and monitoring financial integrity.

Council meetings are public and papers are published on our website in advance.

The Committees

The Council is assisted by committees There are 2 types:

Standing committees are set up by the Council to look at policies and processes in a particular area.

Statutory committees are defined by the Dentists Act 1984 and usually carry out part of our regulatory work.

The executive

The Council is supported by the executive and is currently headed up by the Chief Executive and Registrar, Ian Brack. Ian was appointed as an interim Chief Executive in January 2016, and was made the permanent CEO and Registrar in May 2016.​

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