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Paragon Dental comprises of a friendly, professional team who will go above and beyond to meet your needs and expectations. The dentist in Radlett are thorough and in an initial consultation, they will discuss your past dental experiences, undertake a full examination of your teeth and gums, including an oral cancer check-up as well as discussing short and long-term options and taking dental x-rays. If it is deemed that further treatment is required, your options will be fully explained and scheduled to suit you. Information and after-care is provided as standard. The team are approachable, caring and will do whatever is necessary to accommodate all patients.


If you’ve been struggling with wonky teeth or an overcrowded mouth, then Invisalign might be the solution for you. This discreet orthodontic procedure utilises a series of custom-made aligners to move gappy, crooked or over-crowded teeth by a few millimeters each week to an improved position. With Invisalign in Radlett, the aligners can be removed so that you can brush your teeth and eat whatever you want to. The fact that this technique is almost invisible, removable, custom-made and comfortable makes it the most popular orthodontic procedure for adults.

If you are deemed suitable for Invisalign, the team will take impressions and photos and collect relevant information about your teeth. Specialised 3D technology is then used to create a personalized plan which shows how your teeth will move and what the end result will look like. When the aligners have been created, you will wear a different one every 1-2 weeks until the force shifts your teeth to a better position. There will be a minor discomfort but this is a good indicator of the desired effect on the teeth. Treatment will vary depending on the patient, but the whole process usually takes between 6-12 months, as long as the individual is wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day. Following completement of treatment, you will need to wear a retainer at night to prevent teeth from moving back.

Facial Aesthetics

Troubled by ageing skin or lack of moisture affecting your confidence? The answer may lie in facial aesthetics. Non-surgical treatments can help to eliminate lines and wrinkles caused by sun, excessive stress, diet and weightloss. The benefits of facial aesthetics in Radlett being confidence boosting, a quick simple procedure with lasting results. After a numbing cream is applied to the area(s) being treated, a very fine needle is used to precisely deliver small amounts of purified protein. These injections relax the muscles to stop skin from creasing and are an ideal treatment for forehead, frown and vertical lip lines as well as crow’s feet. Treatment takes approximately 10-15 minutes and effects start to show in a couple of days. Depending on the individual’s desired outcome, multiple injections may be recommended.

Tooth coloured fillings

Composite (or white) fillings are a natural-looking alternative to more obvious amalgam fillings. This is because they are made from tooth-coloured resin; a mixture of plastic and glass, that blends seamlessly with your teeth. They support the structure of a damaged tooth, helping to prevent further breakage or sensitivity. The modern materials utilised ensures they are long-lasting and less of the tooth needs to be removed before placing the filling are just some of the benefits to this technique.

The area is firstly treated with a local anaesthetic and the damaged part of the tooth is removed. A gel is then applied, creating tiny holes to allow the composite material to bond seamlessly. The gel is washed away, and the tooth is dried. A priming agent is applied to ensure that a strong bond will be formed. The colour match shade is then applied in layers and moulded to match the shape of the tooth. The resin is hardened with a special bright light and then polished so that it blends with the other teeth. How long the filling lasts for will depend on the depth of the cavity to be filled and its position within the mouth.

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